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Ever wondered what happens when 50 odd Royal Enfield bikers decide to go on a road

trip from Pune to Goa? Magic happens or plainly put…something inexplicable happens.

Bromance levels hit the ceiling when each one us decided to look out for each other in

the 500+500kms ride, whether it was tyre pressure, loose bungee ropes strangling our

luggage and why sometimes even untied shoe laces!

Where we trained for it, no! It just came naturally…which emphasizes the fact a biking

club is known by its riders and each one of us was an example of selflessness!

Yes, we are a bunch of speed junkies but with a difference as we always stood by our

core belief- “safe riding”.

While we were riding to Goa, we were treated like rock stars and were constantly filmed

by people on their cameras and few newspaper reporters!

Royal Enfield’s Rider Mania has become an annual pilgrimage event for all those avid

bikers across the country and some landed on the shores of Goa from far off lands.

(don’t know the country ka names from where these foreigner riders came- so add it)

As the moniker suggests, Rider Mania, we at BRC too were gripped with this mania and

were well prepared to soak in the heady mix of pure RE love and passion for biking.

BRC riders took to the event naturally and made themselves comfortable amongst their

kith and kin (fellow riders and Enfield owners)

The young members of BRC played the role of highly motivated cheerleaders whereas

some of the daredevils irrespective of age participated in the dirt bike racing (a 44 year

old BRC lady rider participated in the dirt bike racing and successfully drove her fear to

the ground) and obstacle races.

The other events such as Carry your bike, Race your buddy, arm wrestling and beer

chugging were also represented by BRC and saw enthusiastic participation and


In addition to this, there was no dearth of ogling and drooling especially at those well

customized bikes which was a feast for our eyes and of course left us amazed at the

engineering behind the customization! In the midst of all this was some random

interactions between people (who mind you were meeting were meeting for the first

time) over guess what- biking! :D

BRC is still recovering from the Rider mania and we secretly hope it doesn’t fade away

because we are eagerly awaiting Rider Mania 2015! 

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