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Women's day write up! | BACK

You (BRC Pune) are those pair of watchful eyes on the road,
to ensure we are doing the needful.
You are those pair of helpful hands to pick us up,
the same hands which also dusts off the dirt
and is there to pat our shoulders when a ride was well ridden.

You have utmost respect towards women but do not find it necessary to show it to the world!
You go about your way, silently, making these women riders truly more independent!

With such skills, these women conquer the roads, that jaws of some men needs help!

Some of these women were born with riding in their blood, while some were taught the basics like a child,
some were patient while some others were not so,
but you held on to your mission of always being there for these women!

Cheers to these women and the many more who are yet to become part of your fleet!

Women's day celebrates anything or anyone who motivates a woman or women to do better in the arena where she chooses to be,
irrespective of age, field or capabilities!

In that very sense, BRC Pune, wish you a very happy women's day!

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