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Why offroading ?????

That breathe of air.
That sweat inside the helmet.
Its a downhill and a slight throttle and the bike has caught speed and OMG The Corner as arrived...
We hit hard the rear brake..tyre locks
Dust flies...gears go down..tire struggles for gripp and the brain thinks faster that the mind " I'm gone "
But the reflex action gained by experience ,the bike design , the grip design , and the timing helps us to steady the skidded bike by keeping the handle stright , gripp firm even thought the stones steering the handle the other way , take us safe thru the corner and that's not luck...it's a close call but these are the moments which cannot be described to the person who saw the turn and felt that " he was lucky "
Its the skills which have sharpened and knowledge leanrt by ourselves.
Riders thank their leads for the tips but its the skills which has taken him through and not the short briefing.
These are the moments which happen in daily life on road.
And these are the reflexes well learnt in these Offroad rides.
Today we did the windmills , a place where you leave the highways and go through village roads which are teaches a rider to think and not just cruise.
These are just observations from my end and might contradict person to person and some will still feel...why Offroading.
Yes all reached safely and ride was bang on...
Like the past...Sticking to the tradition of deadly Offroading , break downs , crashes and the most important Parampara - reaching home safe.
Hail BRC
Hail brotherhood.

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