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First Monsoon of 2016 | BACK

According to the reports of bikes facing problems in Offroading but we had a ONE HECK of a ride. And went on ripped more contrary to all the Heck Of Reports. The story is painted as....
Landscape never imagined And beautiful chicks leaning n turning in tandem.
Trees shedding their yellow dress and putting up their best dress for the monsoon.
10 feet small bridge and u know you have travelled deep inside some village.
Cakes in d middle of the road and u sure are into uncharted areas where there aren't diesel addicted crazy trucks or petrol lovers who own big wheels and driving solo but a bullock cart with the wheel having a ghumgroo making a prominent sound and the metal churning on the road and leaving trail on roads.
Sun breaks thru the Skies covering the sky with candy floss pink , KTM orange , Ferrari red colors. And Clouds gathering in full strength to attack planet earth...
Ahhh Oops Oops oops Yes...the ride was good. It was amazing And haan... It was good and amazing.
And 26 guys for an Offroading ride and 30 for LADAK Shud I say BRC is on drugs or BRC ROCKS whatever it is Its the passion which we follow and freedom which we enjoy.
Riding not only taught me to tackle problems on road But in life also...
Not only made me meet new people but also to be friends with strangers and see them going and helping me when I was down.

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