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Ride to Bhuleshwar | BACK

"I'm still amazed at how, despite spending the entire quarter-century of my life in this majestic city, there turn out to be so many incredible destinations to explore around Pune. Today was one such experience.

Bhuleshwar temple, nestled in the hills around Yavat, was built sometime around the 13th century (1230 AD) and is famous for its classical carvings in the inner sanctum. The road to the temple itself consists of a small ghat section and a lovely tree-lined approach road, with markings containing names of different bird species – it is a bird migration destination and a potential bird-watching spot. The climate was awesome with a hint of a drizzle, and since we had already had steaming hot vada pavs with chai, we (13 riders + 1 pillion) proceeded inside once we had parked our bikes.

The photos say it all – one wonders what the slightly damaged carvings would have looked like in their heydays, such is the beauty in their detailing even today. It is said that they were destroyed during the reign of Aurangzeb, but Wikipedia can be fickle on such details. We clicked some photos, with the enthusiastic among us ruing not bringing their DSLR’s due to the rains, and did an overview of the whole place. Later we came outside and had some fun photography sessions (which might not have been strictly legal due to the wall-scaling involved! :P )

The return ride was fun too, with the rains lashing out at us. We made a final stop at our very own BRC member Hitesh Ghadge’s hotel for a sumptuous serving of Misal Pav, and after catching up with each other, dispersed for the day.

There’s a reason why such rides are special – on BRC rides, one tends to enjoy the sort of things that cannot be enjoyed when roaming around with your family or significant other. It’s the bonding of like-minded crazy people that makes a simple visit to an ancient temple, a hugely fun-filled affair!"

Harshal Bhosale
Pune, India.

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