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A road trip to Southern part of India riding 4300 kms, covering 4 states and many cities -> Mumbai - Pune - Kolhapur - Belgaum - Mysore - Wayanad - Calicut - Fort Kochi - Allepey - Kollam - Kanyakumari - Rameshwaram - Madurai - Bangalore - Kolhapur - Pune - Mumbai (States wandered - Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu)

Every trip add new experience in our diary, enhance our skills, makes us more bold, makes new friends, more brotherhood/ sisterhood, add loadsss of good memories, teach us to know more about our bull, our capability and show us how STRONG we are.

From day one we were welcome by localites on every road, every ghats, every beaches, everyyyy restaurant/ dhabas we crossed in South India with our full gears, saddle, an India flag, dust & muds on our bullets. Many of the times we have been accompanied by localites, showing pathways as sometime even google can't find short cuts to avoid traffic. Clicked by many people with an encouraging gestures, asked by many of them if we are from militrary (that gives a grin on our face), may be after noticing India flag on my dessert color bullet and our riding jackets, not sure :-), a salute from many for riding so many miles, shocked gestures and an ask "do females ride in Mumbai as not many in South", photos in their mobile to show their friends and family, discussing among themselve "MH" on Bullets to find out these aliens from which state.....hehehehehe ;-), speeding their cars and show a thumps up, a node and a smile... Ahhh these gestures were so very motivating for four of us.

Roads of South India is just amazing, mostly uphill & downhill, beautiful ghats, scenic roads with cococut and banana tree all the way.

A special thanks to Shweta, as she was the corresponder between us and localites. And we can't forget Swapnil's power nap evvverytime we stop for heavy breakfast and lunch ;-)

An elaborated write up about entire ride -

NO ROAD IS TOO LONG WHEN YOU HAVE A GOOD COMPANY.....What a phrase and no one can deny this, and thats goes so true from the day 1 we started planning for our thrill ride to Southern part of India with a grtttt company of 3 riders (Swapnil, myself & Anup) along with Shweta as a pillion.

And the day arrived for the ride to begin, I started my ride from Mumbai on 24th afternoon and met my co-rider, Swapnil, in Pune. The ride from Pune begin at 6:30 pm with a flag off from Pimple Saudagar, Pune and to encourage our road trip Mukesh, Aditya and 3 more riders reach to the flag off point (sorry can't recollect names). And this gesture of brotherhood/ sisterhood was really really amazing.

Reach our first destination - Pune - Kolhapur (380 kms). With a different experience of staying in a Math and woke up with a Mahadev aarti morning 5 am, a feeling of freshness and purity in air. The same place is Gurukul also for kids so first time saw how students are taught in Gurukul. Always seen such in movies like that, thanks to Swapnil for this.

Started our second day @7 am for next state - KARNATAKA. Met Anup and Shweta at Belgaum, after having a heartful breakfast we started for Mysore, noted for its "Mysore Palace", covering 680 kms. Although roads from Kolhapur to Mysore is very nice, but today was one of the longest riding day of the trip, which made us directly crash on bed.

Day 3 - Morning started with a visit to historical Royal Mysore palace, and moving ahead for THE THAMARASSERY GHAT pass, a must ride pass for any motorcycle enthusiast for its tricky and dangerous 9 hairpins, deep valleys, slippery roads on ghat, with rains and foggy roads which gives a visibility of about 10 feets only. The view on the road is breath taking. With a wonderful experience of Thamarassery/ Wayanand ghat we headed towards Kochi, covering total 399 kms for today. The night view of Marine drive, Kochi, is amazing, it is build facing the backwater and is a perfect picturesque walkway.

Day 4 - At Kochi we went to the oldest Church, spent some time in beach, saw Chinese fishing net, a perfect geological museum which shows few instance of God & Goddess in the form of paining, an authentic kochi famous Biryani in Kayes. Post that we headed for our next destination Alleppey and to our surprise the beach house was a wonderful sea side holiday resort surrounder with cococut trees and facing Arabian sea with a walkable distance. Attending an evening prayer at Ayyappa temple and then few peaceful moment in Mother Mary Church, we headed for a grand dinner in one of the biggest hotel close by beach. While everyone was enjoying the mild breeze, I took a relaxing kerala massage and that just made my day, one of my check list item ticked :-)

Day 5 - As righly said Alappuzha is called as Venice of East and so the same we also felt. On a comfortable and leisurely Shikara, we took the pleasure of boating around backwater of Alappuzha, closely watch the rustic lifestyle of back water villages absolutely genuine in its class. And by this time I was already in Love with Kerala and don't want to back to our hectic and fast moving life. I just want to chillax between the cococut trees and the blue water, enjoying my novels or fishing around. Ahhh I wish I can do this :-). Anyways after an hour boat ride out of nowhere our 3 gang members - Anup, Shweta and Swapnil decided to learn geared boat riding in mid of water, our boat master was a gentleman and fulfill these 3 guys wish and it was real fun, boat was going in all direction except moving straight ;-).... Lolzzz. With a wonderful experience of Kerala backwater we back to our beach house, fix our saddle and started for our next destination state "TAMIL NADU"

Day 6 - KANYAKUMARI, we all were so greedy while deciding this place as part of ride, Swapnil wants to see the spectacular and unique sunrise and sunset, Shweta want
to see the sangam of Bay of Bengal, Arabian sea and Indian Ocean, in the form of 3 colored sand, which was very prominently visible on the shores. I, been a Bong, have more inclination towards Vivekanda Rock along with sunrise/set and triveni Sangam ;-). The vivekananda memorial is full of peace and the environment is very enchanting and enhancing. the chanting of "OMMM" in meditation hall is a good experience and just few minutes in the chanting room actually gives you alot of peace of mind. Next to it the saint Thiruvalluvar satue is equally good and majestic.

By 6th day, we have actually completed our first half of the ride covering Mumbai - Pune - Kolhapur - Belgaum - Mysore - Wayanad - Calicut - Fort Kochi - Allepey - Kollam - Kanyakumari (1773 kms)

By second half of the day we started for Rameshwaram (320 kms), and we decided to stop after 81 kms. After riding miles everyday we thought 81 kms will be piece of cake and the real challenge start there. This 81 kms was like errrr... The entire path was sooooo windy that with full throttle also we were like turtles and were swinging from left to right side of the road with minimum control on our bulls, as soon as my 500 cc took the chance and pace I started enjoying the ride without knowing that I rode 25 kms ahead our diversion junction. And when I got the call from Anup then I was like ohh GOD again those 25 windy kms I have to go, Somehow it was good luck and I reach at the meeting point without any hurdle. After having an authetic lunch on banana leaf, served with boiled rice, rassam, sambar, papad, pickle, chaas, paisum, avial etc etc we want to sleep for sometime then and there itself :-)

Day 7 - After our Darshan in Lord Shiva, Rameshwaram temple, we reach Dhanushkodi. Ahhhh the beach owe endless blue water of the ocean touching the wide stretch of sandy shores, the coral reefs are easily visible in crystal clear water. And this beach is the shortest route to reach SriLanka, 49 kms. I was so hopeful that if there was a road I had no problem to extend my leaves and visit our neighbour country and I am sure the same must be running in mind of Anup and Swapnil also :-), never mind will plan Srilanka in further trips without making hole in my pocket ;-). With beautiful memory of blue water, which we can't see in Mumbai definitely, we headed towards Madurai (170 kms). But but but without missing one important checkpoint before we leave Rameshwaram, swapnil went to see if there are actually floating stones. And actually yes, there are some floating stones in this temple, these stones weigh a lot but amazingly they float in the water. It is said that these stones are part of Ram sethu.

So finally we started riding for Madurai, but how can we forget that its monsoon, and to remind us rain started tip tip barsa pani and fir kyaa it was in very good mode which have drentch us fully, we manage to reach Madurai. Everyone says that if you can drive in Pune you can drive anywhere, I must say we should change this saying. Madurai oh God, people drive in any direction.

Day 8 - After visiting Meenakshi temple, our return journey started covering 425 kms to Bangalore.

Day 9 - Bangalore to Kolhapur to Pune to Mumbai and the road trip completed happily.

Respect All Fear None
Hail Blitzkrieg !!!

Write up - Nitz

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