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Slopes of Hell , Oct 22 , 2016 | BACK

BRC...Blitzkrieg Riding Club is what they say...Believe...Rise and Conquer is what it emphasize... A person's passion for riding is understood by the fact that he prefer to wander on roads on weekends instead of Facebook and Instagram.
22nd October 2016, yet another weekend to create memories and moments which will be cherished for years to come. The plan was pretty simple, hit the road, have an amazing night with friends on hill top, get back home. However, there was a lot more to come than what we just heard.
After a delay of 15 min at NCC canteen, 8 riders were all set to explore. 2 more riders joined us from Baner and the other 4 from Dehu fata. Riding in night is always soothing since empty roads are a dream for riders. Mumbai Pune highway has a different story altogether. Heavy trucks and cars all around making it difficult to stay together. The good time lasted for an hour approximately until we reached near the foots of our destination, (the good time might have got over but the best was yet to come). After taking food for the night and some small chat on out of the box topics, the briefing starts which was the most important part. Then starts the time where you wish you wouldn't have come. Riding at an angle of 30-40 degree on a road which can accommodate only one bike at a time with jungles on one side and a deep valley on the other. Becoming a second rider was very tragic as there came a point where I lost the sight of the lead rider. Now it was me in the front with all the other riders behind me, unaware of the roads. Still we kept on riding until we reach the point beyond which the riders would be on their feets and not bikes. After Reaching on top we realized that these were slopes of hell leading to heaven as the view was breath taking with the entire habitation below and 14 riders above everything. Just when we were feeling good about crossing the so called roads, we realised there was another 500 mts of distance which we have to trek. It was not a difficult part though. The camping site was more of a haunted site with a tower and abandoned tower station. After settling down, having a good glance at the view and having a round of tonic, started the sharing of past experiences and some music. The benefit of riding with an old rider is that you will not get bored for a single second. And it proved right. There were giggling and laughing faces all around, trolling each other, making fun, all this without getting offended even once. This showed the true essence of love and brotherhood. After having some lip smacking home made food and gossips every one went to sleep while gazing at the stars. Sleeping with the stars and moon over you and waking up with the breaking dawn was everything that a tired soul needed. We wrapped up the the stuff, cleaned the place and headed back home. Truly...it was slopes of hell leading to heaven.

-Umesh Chauhan

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